Rustic Luxe

Sweet Salvage’s Event, Rustic Luxe, February 19-22, is only a few short days away. This month’s theme was chosen based on a current popular home decor trend that encompasses so much of the Sweet Salvage’s design style. For those of you who maybe be wondering. “What is Rustic Luxe?”
The art of creative mixing. Unexpected pairings of colors, textures and patterns make a home distinctive and inspiring.”-Pottery Barn
Combining elements is the key in creating this style successfully. Warm aged wood tones  contrasted with sleek modern lines, fabrics with fabulous texture placed against smooth leather, mirror and glass sprinkled in for reflective elegance and collections displayed with creative interest.
 Rustic Luxe has become a lifestyle trend in both home decor and fashion. Allowing the freedom to put favorite items together in such a way that a person’s individual style shines. Longevity to incorporate everything you love into your home is what makes just that, a Home. The main element is juxtaposition, bringing a freedom to be playful, individual and distinctive. Rustic Luxe a design trend that is timeless.
Collections Of  Interest

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