You’re Such a Character….

Dear Friends, Guests often ask the Sweet Gang, “Where do you begin every month? Where do the design ideas come from? How do you put it all together in just 26 days?”

One answer that remains consistent is “Every Sweet Designer develops a story surrounding the theme”. They visualize it and bring it to life. On an event like Rustic Remains the stories are beyond evident. The Sweet Gang’s imaginations are running wild. They have created descriptive fascinating vignettes that tell haunting ghostly tales. The air is full with oodles of Halloween fun. A very spectacular cast of characters has made it’s way into Sweet Salvage this month…With our further adieu, let me introduce you to a few……


The Black Widow 
Madame Magaera 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Nellie Bly at Bellevue
R. Bones, Dr. Humerus and Stella Pot
Sara Good 1692 of Salem 

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