Artist Terry Parvan of Winifred Street

Dear Friends, One of the overwhelming joys I have been blessed to experience through Sweet Salvage is the incredible people I have met. Terry Parvan is one of these individuals. She is an amazing artist who’s art is adorned with messages of love, hope and gratitude. Her whimsical creations remind us the importance of peace within self and towards others. Sweet Salvage will be showcasing Terry’s art and making it available to you, our guests. What a perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift list. Here’s a little information written by Terry about her company, Winifred Street, and her art.



Passionately Sharing My Voice & Message Through Art

Winifred Street was created three and a half years ago out of a desire to share with others my passion for words, quotes, affirmations, and messages. Being a collector of all things vintage, timeworn, and gently loved, I wanted to connect the two into a meaningful and mindful art adventure.  You’ll find old wood, ceiling tin, fabric, ephemera, buttons, lace and many other found objects on almost everything I create.

As a self-taught artist, I love to make art with a message or gentle reminder.  It’s my hope that it kick starts our hearts and souls into thinking deeply about love, peace, joy, kindness, and connection and how we can make our world smile more.  It’s rare to find one of my pieces without a message and there’s usually a reason for that.  If you find one, ask me and I’ll tell you why!

I’ve been asked by countless people if my name is Winifred.  They actually lean in close and kind of whisper it to me, “Are you Winifred?”  I laugh and tell them no, Winifred Street is a real street that’s located in a small town in Southwestern Minnesota.  It’s where I grew up watching my mom create many magical moments.  She was a creative collector too and I miss her.

I have been honored to see my art published in Somerset Apprentice, Somerset Studio Gallery, and Stampers Sampler Magazines as well as on the Brave Girls Club website and a local television spot on Sonoran Living. I love my adventure!

You can find my work at various art and craft shows throughout the year as well as the following sites:
Terry Parvan
Shine your light on someone’s day!
It’s ALL Good!
Support Local Artists!


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