The Trilogy

Dear Friends, It’s a Party! Why yes it is and you’re invited. Sweet Salvage is celebrating our 3rd Birthday, August 21-24, sweetly named The Trilogy. Reflecting over the past three years, the Sweet Gang was inspired to bring forth The Best of the Best for you, recreating many of your favorite vignettes, enhancing personal styles and also bringing […]

Oh the Drama

Dear Friends, Oh the Drama…Don’t you love a good dramatic film? Heart pounding, emotions flowing, sitting on the edge of your seat. Being transposed into the characters lives wondering what is going to happen next?

For All Audiences

Sharing a wonderful movie with your children is a magical time. Watching their eyes light up, their imagination running wild and the pure joy of family time is priceless. When a child enjoys a movie it stays with them for sometime. They act it out, sing the songs and absorb their little selves into the film. Parents become costume designers. tying capes, dressing princesses, doing whatever it takes to aide in the wonder of childhood. They take us back, they take us forward and this week they bring us to Sweet Salvage.

A Ticket To Adventure

Here’s your ticket to the grandest Adventure this summer. Only Three short days until the doors open for the Sweet Salvage Now Showing Event. Come aboard and let us take you away on a memorable quest, in search of fabulous treasures and a venture you won’t soon forget .

Let’s Go To The Movies, Let’s Go See A Show

The Now Showing Event at Sweet Salvage begins on Thursday. Grab a popcorn, favorite treat and enjoy the previews.

Relaxing Lazy Days of Summer

Be bold, be daring, be unique, do what most only wish they had the courage to do…. Relax. A state of being that is easily forgotten. Looked upon as a waste of time with so much “to do”. But is it? Settling your mind and body is like pushing the reset button, Rejuvenating. No matter the setting; a romantic garden porch engaged in conversation with a dear friend , a cabana on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing in constant rhythm, a conservatory in the country filled with the smell of fresh blooms basking in rays of sunlight or a cabin deep within the pines with the peaceful sound of wind blowing in the branches. Relaxation is a choice.

Bright Ideas for Summer Fun

Schools out for summer, time to have some fun. In the current times kids are entertained by various electronic sources. They have their place in the realm of good times, but what about the interactive activities of summer? Building sandcastles, making forts, churning homemade ice cream alllllllll day, baseball, badminton, swimming, picnics, summer camping and good old fashion family board game night? Think about your fondest memories growing up. How did you fill your summer days? Laughter, love and memories can be found in the most simple ways. The Sweet Gang has brought the nostalgic summer back to present. Displays filled with colorful throw backs to days gone by. It is merely impossible to wander through and not smile at the sense of childhood reclaimed.

Living the Summer Lifestyle

It’s time to roll out the butcher paper cross the picnic table, light up that grill, pour a tall cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and invite you, our Sweet friends, over as the Sweet Gang entertains for Summer. A season of BBQ’s, Clam and Crab bakes, Campfires roasts and homemade picnics. Whether at home in the backyard, at the beach, high on a mountain top or laying on a grassy knoll, summertime evokes a passion to entertain and spend time with the our loved ones.

Summer Lovin’ Mary Emmerling

Sweet Salvage welcomes Mary Emmerling this month as our very special guest for the Summer Lovin’ Event. She will be signing her latest book, The American Flag, on Saturday June 21st from 12-2pm. This book is a beautiful tribute to the American flag, filled with beautiful photos.