Oh the Drama

Dear Friends, Oh the Drama…Don’t you love a good dramatic film? Heart pounding, emotions flowing, sitting on the edge of your seat. Being transposed into the characters lives wondering what is going to happen next?

Stories of human experience, some relatable to your life, others a stretch from your reality, but both sparking curiosity as to how the characters will come through in the end.

Drama films have a way of making us look further into ourselves. provoking emotions and questions, while purely entertaining us.

You are going to so enjoy the Dramatic Vignettes created by Sweet Salvage this month for the Now Showing Event.  We hope that you will be purely entertained.

See you Tomorrow,


Theatre 6
Sense and Sensibility
“Know your own happiness.
 You want nothing but patience
– or give it a more fascinating name,
 call it hope.”
Theatre 7
The Royals Tanenbaums

Sweet Salvage

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