Relaxing Lazy Days of Summer

Dear Friends, Be bold, be daring, be unique, do what most only wish they had the courage to do…. Relax. 

A state of being that is easily forgotten. Looked upon as a waste of time with so much “to do”. But is it? Settling your mind and body is like pushing the reset button, Rejuvenating. No matter the setting; a romantic garden porch engaged in conversation with a dear friend , a cabana on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing in constant rhythm, a conservatory in the country filled with the smell of fresh blooms basking in rays of sunlight or a cabin deep within the pines with the peaceful sound of wind blowing in the branches. Relaxation is a choice. A choice to center oneself.  To highlight the things that truly matter to us. This summer do this for you. Create the setting, deign the ambience, then take a breath and let go because you’re worth it and that breath is priceless.


Sweet Salvage

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